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Childrens Pink Pretty Wendy Playhouse with Windows & Door

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Product Description

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When it comes to year-round back garden fun, nothing beats this fantastic Childrens Pink Pretty Wendy Playhouse with Windows & Door, which combines timeless country cottage style with fantastic modern features like an opening Georgian window that is glazed with safety styrene, and Georgian door with a magnetic catch. Encouraging your kids to get outside can be tough, especially in our age of computer games and hi-tech gadgetry, but one thing will always appeal to kids of all ages: the playhouse. Thanks to their timeless appeal, playhouses encourages kids to exercise their imaginations, as well as to engage in energetic play, helping keep little minds and bodies fit without them even noticing.If you've been searching for a playhouse for your kids, make sure you don't miss out on the chance to own this marvellous, hand crafted high quality playhome, with its unique features and timeless charm!

The Childrens Pink Pretty Wendy Playhouse with Windows & Door Features:

  • Classic country styling
  • Pretend sink with swivel tap
  • Stove top with clicking knobs
  • Push-button play phone
  • Opening and closing shutters
  • Age range: 24 months - 5 years
  • Product size: 127cm L x 104cm W x 131cm H

Product Specifications

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