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Kids Black and Decker Smoby Trolley

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Product Description

Order Your Incredible Kids Black and Decker Smoby Trolley Online Today!

This incredible portable 'Nomad' Black and Decker Smoby Trolley Workbench is a superb treat for any little rascal who can't stay still for more than five minutes. The trolley features two mounted wheels, allowing freedom of movement around the play room to fix DIY emergencies in a hurry, plus hundreds of other play and craft ideas!

Two sets of 2x6 timbers can be worked over using the tool-set of a saw, pliers, and hammer, while a mechanical power drill is on-hand to add that extra bit of imaginary power tool grunt. With everything little toolmasters need to get started, this is the ultimate kids DIY toy!

So if you've been looking for a playhouse that has the perfect combination of fun and safety, make sure you don't miss out on this uniquely charming play set! Packed with fun features, it's the best way to promote imaginative play for active minds.

The Black and Decker Smoby Trolley Features:

  • Tool-set with pliers, hammer, and saw
  • Mechanical drill with flathead attachment
  • 16 nuts and screws
  • Two sets of 2x6 timbers
  • Easy mobility thanks to mounted trolley wheels

Product Specifications

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