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Kids Wooden Tree Swing With Hemp Rope


Product Description

Swing low, swing high, swing wherever you want with the Kids Wooden Tree Swing With Hemp Rope, perfect for summer holiday playtimes!

Everybody loves a swing, but often a swing means an unsightly, large and bulky frame. Thankfully, this traditional Kids Wooden Tree Swing With Hemp Rope lets you fit a swing to almost any tree, letting your little ones enjoy some timeless traditional fun.

With adjustable ropes to ensure a level seat no matter how sloped the branch, this swing is perfect for any setting. Fit it to a tree in your garden, or take it with you on camping trips, and your kids will love the freedom and excitement. Thanks to its tough, durable hand built construction, this swing is durable enough to last through the years, and the weatherproofed rope ensures it'll stay looking its best. If you've been looking for timeless kids playtime ideas, don't miss this outstanding tree swing!

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Kids Wooden Tree Swing With Hemp Rope Features:

  • Swing Seat - 43.9cm x 17.5cm x 2.9cm
  • Ropes - 6m Long fully adjustable
  • Galvanised steel fixings and PP welds
  • Fully adjustable ropes
  • Sturdy wooden seat

Product Specifications

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